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January 11, 2015


President's Message

The Executive Board and I thank you for your support to the chapter for 2014 and now 2015.  Phyllis, Cayla and I wish each one you continuous success throughout the year!

I would like to humbly thank each of you for supporting the current administration.  It is with your support that The Washington, DC Chapter of The ROCKS, Inc. a 501 c (3) non-profit organization will continue to grow and follow the National motto of "concern, dedication and professionalism."  In addition, it helps us to help others.  The goal of this administration is to provide “mentorship” at every meeting, outreach and social event.  Providing leadership and organization in all facets is two objectives of this administration. We have established additional family programs to include support to Gold Star Mothers organization.


The four major signature events are the Spring Gala (18 APR 15) (SAT), Golf Tournament (13 JUN 15) (SAT) (with a Day Party and Sponsoring 40 Wounded Warriors), 5 Mile Run and 2 Mile Walk (19 SEP 15) (SAT) and the West Hamilton Dinner (24 OCT 14) (SAT) a the Embassy Suite Springfield will stand and we will support them to the fullest. 

The events directly support the chapter and cadets at the Senior and Junior Army ROTC levels.  We will also support other socials as they are planned.  We will have a yearly calendar that list all events.  In honor of the ideals and vision of Brigadier General Roscoe C.”ROCK” Cartwright, we will continue the legacy of making a difference.  We will continue to build a bench while reaching for the top while transitioning those to civilian life with assistance for employment and for the family. 

Our goals for 2015 are to increase and expand the chapter membership to 250 (227 members now), to have each member on at least one committee, continue to conduct outreach to local Colleges and Universities in the National Capital Region, update the current members plan, fill all vacancies for Executive Board and Committee Chairs, continue to improve the chapter's website and software tool thru, hold all meetings at  the same location, and conduct one community service project every six months. We are also continuing our CFC efforts. The CFC application for 2015 was submitted on 9 JAN 15.  Our number for CFC is 76674.


We still need sponsors for the meetings for FEB - DEC 2015.

We are counting on your time and talent as we continue to move this chapter "FORWARD" and as we celebrate 41 years with The ROCKS, Inc.  I can be reached at (910) 824-1911 or for questions or concerns.




                                                                                                       Conrado B. Morgan
                                                                                                       President, Washington DC Chapter

                                                                                                       The ROCKS, Inc.